Furball Over The Front Manual

Movement and Attack

XBOX Controller

  • Left Thumbstick - Plane movement/dodging
  • A/Left Trigger - Fire primary gun
  • B/Right Trigger - Fire secondary gun
  • X - Toggle view
  • Y - Pause
  • Left Bumper - Snap view left/VR recenter view
  • Right Bumper - Snap view right/VR recenter view


  • Move the plane up or down by rotating the device forward or backward while in landscape mode (Touch + Accelerometer), or by using the Touch Input controller or physical controller.
  • Fire guns by tapping the gun button on the bottom right. When available fire rockets or drop a bomb with the bomb button on the bottom right.
  • Dodge by rotating the device left or right (Touch + Accelerometer), or by using the Touch Input controller or physical controller.
  • Use the view buttons to quickly look to your left or right (bumpers on a physical controller) and the toggle view button to change the view from behind the plane to cockpit view

Mouse + Keyboard

  • Move the plane by holding down the 'Left Mouse Button' near the center of the screen and moving in the desired direction to move up/down or dodge left/right.
  • Fire guns with the
    L. Ctrl
    key or 'Right Mouse Button'. When available fire rockets or drop a bomb with the
    L. Alt
  • Z
    key snaps the view to the left,
    key snaps the view to the right.
  • L. Shift
    key or the 'Middle Mouse Button'toggles between chase view/cockpit view.
  • Bkspc
    key re-centers view for VR.


  • Arrows above another object indicate an important enemy that is either attacking you or that needs to be destroyed.
  • Red arrows indicate German forces, blue arrows indicate Allied forces. Red or blue arrows with a circle indicate an enemy that must be destroyed to continue.
  • Arrows over ground objects indicate enemies that must be destroyed in order to complete a mission.
  • When in a dogfight your plane and the enemy plane will alternate between offense and defense until either plane is destroyed or the enemy escapes.
  • You can avoid gunfire, flak, and planes by dodging out of the way. Your plane will lose altitude (sink) when in a dodge.
  • Your plane carries limited ammo so use it wisely.


  • Some missions will require a few passes to destroy or protect certain targets.
  • Passes will alternate the direction of enemies and targets.
  • The current pass number and number of total passes allowed will be displayed in the score bar (i.e. Pass 1 of 2).
  • The current destroyed targets and total number of targets that need to be destroyed will also be displayed in the score bar (i.e. T 3 of 4).
  • If all the targets have been destroyed on an odd numbered pass, the remaining passes will be skipped.

Strategies: Air

  • Use clouds as cover to momentarily hide from enemies. The cloud icon will appear when you are hidden from enemy sight.
  • The screen will flash red on either side when an enemy is attacking from that direction. Use the snap view controls to quickly glance at the threat

Strategies: Ground

  • Ground machine guns and planes with gun turrets are momentarily disabled when damaged
  • Bombing is generally successful by flying towards the enemy indicator arrow and releasing the bomb just before flying through it.
  • It is generally helpful to focus on removing enemy ground machine guns first before targeting ground targets on subsequent passes.

Mission Types: Story

  • Play through all story missions and unlock them for replay
  • Fly faster and better armed planes as well as encounter new enemies and targets.
  • Earn medals, ranks, and bonus endurance missions among your achievements.

Mission Types: Endurance

  • Unlock endurance missions by completing key story missions.
  • Destroy as many targets as possible. You will re-gain ammo after each successful kill and re-gain ammo and health after each completed round.
  • Use flak and other enemies to your advantage to help destroy enemy fighters.